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This section of concentrates on the power of the telephone is selling, from telesales and telemarketing to hard and daunting straight forward cold calling

These articles can be combined into a Free Online Sales Training Courses in selling by phone, telesales and telemarketing

Please feel free to Print out the course notes and use the as part of your sales training.

Part One Basic getting through skills

Part Two Instant rapport ion the phone

Part three Reluctant to cold call?

Part Four Client won't take your calls

Part five Advice skills and tips for cold calling

Part Six Further tips for telesales

Part Seven Additional reading

Part Eight Further advice and telesales training

PArt Nine Leveraging up the phone ladder

Part Ten reducing cold calling pressure


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How to learn from your mistakes
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How to become the master of your own destiny
How to overcome your fears in sales, negotiation and public speaking
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Why negotiators are the highest paid professionals in the world

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